Since 1938, we have been creating custom certificates for any occasion, in any quantity, to fit any budget. We have the capability to modify virtually any style or format you may already have in use, or create a new certificate from your typewritten copy. Quality, service, and accuracy have made Jim Henry, Inc. the recognized industry leader in providing Board level certificates. We also offer Hand-Engrossed Scrolls created by a master calligrapher, each hand -engrossed scroll is as unique as it is beautiful. Letters are individually hand-crafted, and available in most any color or combination of colors, Scrolls can be 100% hand-engrossed or any combination with Trutext lettering to produce a true work of art.

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Our designers and Account Managers are experts in custom certificates, scrolls, and special awards.  We work with our clients to understand their needs and create a product and process to ensure your program is successful for years to come.  Print methods can include steel-die ink engraving, Tru-Text, thermography, digital off-set, flat print, foil stamping, embossing, and even hand calligraphy.

Personalization is critical to your program’s success.  Our team goes beyond just entering a person’s name to personalize.  We work to understand how each piece can be more relevant to the recipient and therefore more engaging.

All our printed products can be professionally mounted and framed by one of our Master Framers.  Each frame is custom built to your specifications in our St. Charles, IL plant.

JHI’s DocuView is our custom certificate proofing system that we designed to help your certificate administrator ensure all recipients receive their certificates with the proper name, credentials, and mailing address.  DocuView is free for certificate customers.  No more time pouring over spreadsheets!

JHI’s InvisiCert is a proprietary process that we created to help ensure that customers that want secure printed products can easily identify certificates, awards, or any other products that were designed and printed at JHI.  Certificates can be authenticated in and out of frames.

Genuine Steel Die Engraved-Ink

Considered the standard for quality, engraving can add security, detail, and dimension to your printed identity.  It offers a subtle tactile quality that has long been associated with distinction and prestige.

Genuine steel die ink engraving has been used for centuries by the finest artists.  Greats like Rembrandt, Picasso, and Goya all used this labor-intensive process because of its exceptional quality and detail.  Engraving is a printing process using finely engraved plates of steel or copper. The recessed areas are inked, the plate is pressed to the paper by a powerful engraving press, and the gold is burnished.  This process produces a totally unique impression, unable to be easily reproduced, copied or forfeited.

Market research studies have shown that the look and feel that engraving provides significantly impresses clients, increases business and improves credibility. Those who use engraving in their identity materials are seen as “established”, “high quality”, “successful”.



Sometimes a certificate design, budget and/or lead time does not allow for Genuine Steel Die Engraving.  Through our printing experience and by working closely with craftsmen in the industry, we have been able to come up with a simulated version of Genuine Steel Die Engraving that can meet the most demanding budgets and lead time requirements.  Please contact one of our Account Managers for more information.

Foil Stamping

Want to catch someone’s eye?  Try foil stamping. Foil stamping creates a vibrant and uniform opaque image that can be used for both fine lines and/or large solids. Foils are offered in hundreds of colors.  From metallic (gold, silver, etc.) to almost every color and tint under the sun.  Foils are also available in a holographic pattern that can be used to deter unwanted reproductions.

Foil stamping is often used in conjunction with other print processes.  Certificates that are foil stamped can also be printed with any of the other processes.  For more dimension, certificates can also be embossed with foil (Foil Embossing). Here’s how the foil stamping process works:

  • A die is made with your design. These dies are typically made of magnesium, copper, or brass depending on the complexity of the design.
  • The die is mounted in a press and heated to 170 to 240 degrees F.
  • Foil is pulled across the heated surface of the die.
  • The paper is pressed to the foil, transferring the pigment from the carrier sheet to the printed piece.


Embossing provides a difference you can feel. Immediately. Embossing adds dimension to your printed piece by re-shaping the paper using a specifically crafted die, heat, pressure and a counter. Adding embossing for texture and dimensions can create an appealing contrast to your design.

The dies need to emboss are made of magnesium, copper or brass. There are many different kinds of embossing dies, which include single-level, multi-level, sculpted, or embossing in combination with foil. Each produces a unique embossing effect.


Trutext creates a raised effect on images and letters.  Making use of the many powders, TruText can create clear, matte, pearlescent, and fluorescent colors.

Here’s how the TruText process works:

  • A printed sheet moves from the printing press onto the conveyor that feeds the TruText machine.
  • A powder applicator covers the entire sheet with thermography powder.
  • The thermography powder attaches to the wet ink.
  • The powdered sheet passes through a 900 to 1300 degree Fahrenheit oven, where the powder melts and flows to create a smooth effect.
  • The sheet passes through a cooling tunnel and is stacked.

What is the difference between TruText and engraving?

  • TruText is a special resin powder that is added on top of printing.
  • Engraving work requires the development of dies and special engraving press where the ink is absorbed into the paper through pressure.
  • A telltale “bruise” will appear on the back of engraved projects (often considered a sign of quality).
  • Job that require finer detail are often produced through engraving versus TruText

Traditional and digital offset

Our manufacturing utilizes various pieces of digital equipment so that we can offer our clients cost-effective printing without sacrificing quality.  Our digital printing capabilities allow for:

  • Unparalleled quality
  • Perfect registration on the sheet
  • Ability to run heavier card stocks
  • Support for variable data
  • Prints opaque white ink on a dark background


There are multiple considerations to be factored when choosing the right stock for your certificate.  The certificate design, print methods and brand standard all play a critical role when selecting your paper.  Weight, color, texture, and longevity are all elements for ensuring your brand is represented properly and that the certificate lasts for generations to come

Jim Henry, Incorporated employs highly skilled Account Managers to help customize any award to your exact specifications. Please call us at 630-584-6500 or email